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                  About Us
                  About Saar
                         Saarschmiede GmbHd Germany Saer forge steel factory has two old forging shops, combining traditional and modern production technology. By 2013, the original forging workshop already had 100 years of production history. Our new forging workshop, after nearly two years of construction, was launched in May 8, 2013 with a total investment of 450 million euros. Such an investment is the largest single investment in Saar and the largest single investment in the Federal Republic of Germany. It can be said that the Saer forging steel mill in Germany is the most modern free forging enterprise in the world today.
                         The new forging workshop is made up of two production buildings with a length of 550 meters, plus a service building that is 550 meters long. The layout of the workshop is entirely in accordance with the production process, and is equipped with the most advanced equipment from smelting to finishing and even 12000 ton forging press. Today, about 800 skilled employees are serving you in the workshop.  

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                  We firmly believe that "brand" is not only a trademark, one product, but also a quality. It is a quality that maintains the trust of the consumer to the enterprise by good quality.

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                    3, 6 Dingsheng Road, Liuyang hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Hunan

                  @ HuNan BOSA mouldsteel.Co .,Ltd
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